“Odd or God?” Carrie Sovola

Odd or God?

My husband, Jason, was experiencing a challenging situation at work, and it was making for a rough week.  He routinely prays during his commute.  On this day, he was particularly frustrated, so he asked God to remove the anger from his heart and fill it with happiness.

Just then he looked up and saw a tree with purple blossoms—and he thought of me, as purple is MY favorite color.  He called me to tell me that his anger had been replaced with happiness, and as he hadn’t had this kind of spiritual experience before he said, “Isn’t that odd?”

I replied, “Is it odd or is it God?”

How comforting it is to know that our prayers don’t have to be long, only sincere.

Prayer:  Abiding God, thank you for hearing us always.  Amen.

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