Come to Break-Fast–Susan Predoehl

Come and have breakfast–John 21:12

The hunger of Lent was over at the Easter Vigil. The communion server placed into my hands a HUGE hunk of bread – Christ’s body. Wow, I thought, and almost laughed aloud. A goblet of wine filled my mouth with a gulp of wine, a generous but graceful way of saying, “This is for you!” I almost laughed again, except this time, a deeper joy almost tickled my heart.
The risen Jesus once dined on the beach with disciples, including a sad and empty Simon Peter. “Come, have breakfast,” and Jesus amazed them with nets full of fish.
Today Jesus calls us, “Come to break (the) fast.” He feeds our hungry souls with more than we ever imagined. Into our hands, he pours out his life, saying “This is for you.”
Risen Lord, tickle our hearts with deep joy. Let your abundant gifts of love, mercy, and forgiveness fill us. Amen and amen!

Deaconess Susan Predoehl, Valparaiso, IN