DeacPost “Renewed by Water” Deaconess Donna McEwen

As many of you were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. Galatians 3:27

As I was flying from South Dakota to Baltimore, I read the book Honoring the Body, by Stephanie Paulsel. It is a beautiful meditation about caring for physical needs by touching, washing, holding, feeding, and clothing.

During my visit in Baltimore, I was privileged to bathe my new grandson. Nicholas trusted me as I lowered him into the soothing warm water of the kitchen sink. I watched his focused eyes trusting me to care for him. He seemed to know by my touch that I was filled with compassionate love for him. Even as he flailed arms and legs, he was totally content.

His bath was not only a renewal for him; it was for me also. The tension in my arms as I held this small infant helped me be fully responsible for his well being. The water soothed my old hands and a new infant’s body. As I held his life in my hands, I bonded with my grandson.

Prayer: God, you held us and washed us in Baptism. Your compassionate love covers us, and we are bonded to you in Christ forever Amen.

Deaconess Donna McEwen, Sioux Falls, SD

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