“J” is for Jesus–Penny Cedel

“J” is for Jesus

The theme for Sunday School was “Favorite Bible Stories,” so the preschoolers and I read “My Bible Book of ABC’s.”  We had been through the letters up through “I” and, when I announced that “J” was for Jesus, I asked the children who Jesus was.

“Jesus died for me!” was one response.  “He loves me!” exclaimed another and a third said, “He’s taking care of my Grandma in heaven.”

How wonderful to be reminded by our youngest children that Jesus is alive and active!  How wonderful that he comes to us through Bible stories from Scripture which remind us that the story is not finished! Jesus continues faithfully and unfailingly loving, taking care of everyone from the youngest children to the oldest grandparents—on earth AND in heaven.  Thanks be to God!

Prayer:  Loving God, “J”IS for Jesus, and we are thankful that, through him, your story is Alive in us!  Amen.

Deaconess Student Penny Cedel, Austin, TX

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