DeacPost “Tying Shoelaces”

(This post appears in Best of DeacPost, published by the LDA 2007)
If I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. John 13:14 
We have a little boy in our preschool class who wears camouflaged hiking boots with round shoelaces.  Even double and triple-knotted, his shoelaces are always coming untied.  This quarter I tied his shoes for him an average of three times per day (about once every hour).  Yes, it’s an interruption in my day.  I could ask his mother to have him wear different shoes, but he loves those boots.
Might God be using those untied shoelaces to teach me something about servanthood?  Might being on my knees touching shoes and looking into a little boy’s eyes be a modern-day example of washing feet?
True, tying his shoes ensures that I take a few extra seconds one-on-one with him.  True, taking a little time lets him know that he’s important and that someone cares about the things he cares about. True, in this simple way, I can share God’s love in a tangible way that makes Christ’s love real. 
Prayer:  Dear Lord, bless the work we do and grant us the strength to do it with a ready and willing heart, that whatever you ask may fulfill your call to us and your care for the world.  Amen.
Deaconess Arrin Brummet, Vernon, TX 

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