DeacPost “God is Great, God is Good”

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting. Psalm 100:4-5

The simple children’s meal prayer packs a feast of meaning.

God is great.  God, the creator of heaven and earth, is the God of all peoples, in all times and in all places.  God’s power is spread over the world and our lives–yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  God is indeed great.

God is good.  God has blessed us in ways that are seen-and in ways that we have yet to see.  God, who knows our needs, will continue to provide for us.  God’s divine goodness and deep love for us came in the gift of Jesus, who died and rose, that we might have eternal life.  God is indeed good.

Let us thank God for our food.  All of our food, which, through the labor of many hands, comes to us this day.  As the Holy Spirit meets our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, may we be present to meet the needs of others.

Prayer:  Yes!  God is Great!  God is Good!  Praise God’s Holy Name.  Amen.  

Deaconess Judy Whaley, Sandspit-Haida Gwaii, British Columbia 

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