DeacPost “Different Accounts; Same Story”

Read Genesis 1 & Genesis 2

There are two accounts of Creation in Genesis. The first is in chapter one. Then in Genesis 2:4, a second begins, causing some to raise the question “Did we miss something? God rested on the seventh day after “finishing his work and now we have (what my study bible titles Another Account of the Creation) a different account?

Some have tried to weave them together, but I’m not sure that is necessary. Today, as I read them, I’m reflecting on the campus ministry I serve. We are one denomination of an interfaith coalition of university religious organizations. As we study and work together, we know that we come from and represent different denominations and faiths. Sometimes, we even vary in how we view and understand  God. Still, here we are; and we all value the Book of Genesis.

So, as I reflect on those Genesis accounts, I know that what is sometimes different is how we tell our faith stories.  And, just as the Genesis accounts vary, the story we share is the same” God is creator of all, and all of us are important to that creation.

Prayer:  Creating God, thank you for the different stories that show us who you are and who we are to be. Amen.

Deacon Student Matthew Petersen, Cincinnati, OH 

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