DeacPost “Can You Hear Me Now?”

The Lord came and stood there, calling as before, “Samuel! Samuel! And Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant is listening!” – 1 Samuel 3:10 

“Can you hear me now?” a caregiver asks a resident as she adjusts his hearing aid batteries. When he says, “No,” she adjusts and asks again.  This time, he can hear her.

“Can you hear me now?” a cell phone commercial insists on a response.  When connected, both parties are satisfied.

“Can you hear me now?” we ask God in our prayers.  But because many things distract us, we don’t always hear what God has to say to us.  When prayers do not get answered in the time frame we think they should, we wonder whether God is listening.

But God does hear us.  God not only hears but speaks to us daily. God persists, “Can you hear ME now? I am here.”

Prayer:  Gracious God, speak to us, even when we don’t listen. Open our ears to hear the ways you speak to us daily.  Call us to loving service, and to grateful living.  Amen.

Deaconess Traci Glover, Mount Joy, PA 

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