DeacPost “Calling the Father”

“Then you when call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you.” (NRSV)  Jeremiah 29: 12
What are the first words you hear when you awaken each morning? For me, they are those of my child coming through the baby monitor. “Momma! Daddy!” I look at the window; even the sun hasn’t decided to get up. Still, the morning call continues; I get to my feet to greet my child who calls for me. This is the pattern we have lived into every day. My child calls and knows I will come. That is the kind of faith that I want, too, as I call upon God upon waking and respond to that call. I want to always know that God will be near.

What are the first words you call out each morning? May we all be as a child who greets each day in faith knowing that the one who gave us birth has promised to hear our call.  That promise from Jesus begins, “Our Father in Heaven….”

Prayer:  Dear Lord, I call to you. Hold me close in your arms and lead me into each new day. Amen.

Deacon Ben Ema, Dyer, IN

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