DeacPost “A Holy Melody”

Read Luke 1: 57-80

There is a holy melody of God’s promises. Sung from Abraham and Sarah to Elizabeth and Zechariah, from my grandmother in her rural church choir, to me singing in the chapel when I was at seminary. Hymnody and liturgy rooted in scripture connect us to God — but also to others throughout history and around the world.

When I reflect on those weekly seminary chapel services, I hear the bubbling of the font, picture the light coming through the stained-glass windows, remember the voice of a classmate singing the Benedictus – a gospel canticle from the first chapter of Luke’s Gospel – and taste the bread of the Eucharist, blessed by my professors.

Holding the ELW and singing hymns and liturgy heard and sung since childhood can become a spiritual practice; and not just for me. The music of the Church invites all of us – crossing time, space, race, and gender – into the sacred song.

Prayer:  God of all, we give you thanks for the gifts of scripture, hymnody, and liturgy. In the name of the Christ. Amen.

Deacon Student Matthew Petersen, Cincinnati, OH

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