DeacPost “You Are Not Lost”

“They took the master from the tomb.  We don’t know where they’ve put him!” John 20:2, 13b, 15b

Mary worried when Jesus went missing.  She asked three times where they put him.

A kind of panic sets in when we can’t find something necessary and precious.  It can seem like you have lost yourself for a moment.  

I can identify.

“Now where did I put my glasses?  I just had them.”

“What did you do with my keys? They were here a minute ago.”

“What is that person’s name?  I’m sure I know him…”

When what is lost finally shows up, peace and sanity are restored.

Such is the drama of Easter morning.  It comes new every year, every day.

Christ is risen!  Did you forget?

Christ is risen!  He speaks your name.  You are not lost.

Christ is risen indeed! And he will keep calling your name until, at last, you’ll never be lost again.  Alleluia!

Deaconess Diane Marten, McCordsville, IN

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