DeacPost “The Good Shepherd”

“So there will be one flock, and one shepherd.” John 10:16
Ponder with me about how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, cares for us. I’m thinking of my neighbor, who raises sheep.
In lambing season, Coleco, a 12-year-old seasoned mama, birthed twin males. My neighbor was concerned  because bottle-raising a ram lamb is less than ideal for its future temperament and behavior. She did not think Coleco could produce enough milk for twins.
At the same time Liberty, a three year old, lambed a single ewe, While Coleco was cleaning off one of her lambs and, having not touched the other, it cried out. Liberty heard, and immediately started cleaning him off too, allowing him to nurse with her own offspring. Now Coleco could concentrate on just one little lamb. The ewe lamb accepted her new brother, half her size, and they snuggled just like any other twins.
Such a tangible expression of community and wisdom of the caregiver reminds me of how Jesus claims us as his very own, suckling, embracing and showing that he truly is our Good Shepherd.
Prayer: Good Shepherd, nurture and lead us, that we may grow; that as your devoted newly born, we may follow you into fields we never knew or dreamed. Teach us to emulate you, feeding the orphaned, embracing the outcast — that they, too, may be brought into your loving care. In your name we pray. Amen.
Deaconess Catherine Steffen, Oviedo, FL

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