DeacPost “A Thanksgiving Poem” Deaconess Jess McCallum

On this eve
Of Thanksgiving day
Many are traveling
Cars delayed.
Some gather with family,
Others with friends.
Some follow traditions,
Others role with new trends.
Food is prepared,
Drinks are served
Dishes all around,
Surrounding the bird.
We gather together
Around a table
Giving thanks for life
That Christ has made able.
For that’s where it starts,
This joy we have found.
Thankfulness from our Savior
Who is no longer in the ground.
In a risen Christ we are free
From sin and our shame.
To live in God’s love
For our freedom, He came.
As we share gratitude
With one another this day
Let us turn to each other
And let us say
Christ gives us life
Through Him, we are found.
In His sacrifice,
To God, we are bound.
May your day be blessed
Memories reliving
From our family to yours’
Happy Thanksgiving!

Deaconess Jess McCallum, Arcadia, MI

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