DeacPost “Pondering the Day’s End”

Sit comfortably.  Breathe deeply.

Check in with your feet. Where have they gone today?

Check in with your back. What have you leaned on today?

Check in with your arms. Whom have you embraced today? Or not embraced?

Check in with your heart.  What has your heart known today?

Check in with your eyes. What have they witnessed today?

Jesus has been with you today.

Jesus comes to disciples when they are afraid.  Speak your fear.
Jesus is with disciples when they doubt.  Share your doubts.
Jesus is where disciples know not what they need.

Jesus says: “I know your every need. I know where you have been.  Come to me when you are weary. Remember the night I was betrayed… Even then I gave thanks… I said, ‘I am enough for you.’  I forgive all.  I love you.”

Pray the prayer Jesus taught…

Deaconess April Boyden, Mesa, AZ 

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