DeacPost “Thresholds”

ELCIC (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada) Deacons were recently gifted with the book, “The Soul’s Slow Ripening” by Christine Valters Paintner. The book brings together twelve Celtic practices which aid in deepening one’s spirituality.  The first practice focuses on the importance of being aware of different thresholds in our lives.  Paintner writes, “Thresholds are challenging because they demand that we step into the in-between place of letting go of what has been while awaiting what is still to come” p.3 

We all cross many thresholds in our lives.  Some have led us to good things while others may have been very difficult. The Celtic practice of being aware of life thresholds encourages each of us to stop and be mindful of the need for discernment to see where God is with us as we cross into something new. Through centering and prayerful reflection, we are prepared and trust that God walks with us.

Prayer:  Compassionate God, make your presence known to us, especially during those times of crossing life’s thresholds. Amen.

Deaconess Judy Whaley, Sandspit-Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

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