DeacPost “The Lord Reigns”

The Lord reigns…. Psalm 93:1a

I never got beyond the Psalmist’s first three words. I’d risen long before the sun – and my mind was racing; it was one of those mornings.

To quiet my thoughts, I opened my Bible and found Psalm 93 before me. In this pre-dawn lectio divina, the Holy Spirit stirred a soothing litany:

The Lord reigns –
over my anxious mind and heart,
over people, events, and situations in which I have no control,
over my emotions, weakness and insufficiency,
over my gifts, talents, relationships, health, family and friends,
over my my job and co-workers and ministry,
over the poor, imprisoned, the hungry and thirsty, the weary, grieving, sick and suffering,
over world and community leaders, the Church and God’s people.

The Lord reigns –
over me, life and death, Earth and all creation,
over eternity, over the Kingdom now and forever.
Amen and amen.

Prayer:  O Holy One, we thank and praise you for your abiding presence and for love that reigns from everlasting. Grant us boldness of faith to confidently approach your throne of grace with all that weighs on our hearts and minds. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Deaconess Student Amy Smessaert, Mishawaka, IN

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