DeacPost “LENT” Deaconess Bonita Fredel

L   Lent provides a quiet time to listen and look at Grace  in the

     +   Word and Sacraments, and the

+    Word reflected in the faces of Others.

E   Lent is an opportunity

    + to be enriched by God’s Grace evidenced in Christ, and encouragement

+ to engage in sharing that Grace abundantly.

N  Lent is an invitation to again recall

    + the old truths,

+ the not-so-old insights that come with honesty and creativity, and

+ a new time for soul searching and soul growth.

T  Lent is a time

    + to be treasured for God’s timeless presence in life,

+ for soul-feeding, and

+ soul sharing in both one’s community and in the larger world.

Prayer:   Loving God, you give us special times for reflection in our lives.  Bless this Lenten season with a renewed sense of your presence and Grace. Let us be generous with our sharing of that Grace and goodness to all whose lives we touch.  Amen.

Deaconess Bonita Fredel, Lake Mills, WI

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