Christians working in ministries of hunger and justice will find this a helpful aid for use with adult Bible study groups, committee meetings, and mission trips. These devotions are meant to accompany the "Songs of Justice and Peace" deaconess choir CD. The text of the songs is also available online.

Some devotions are available here.  A complete devotion package is coming soon!Let Justice Roll Like a River

 1.  Let Justice Roll Like a River
 2.  God Is Always Near
 3.  Freedom is Coming
 4.  Break My Heart
 5.  Vamos Todos (Let Us Go, Now)
 6.  God of Every Servant Heart
 7.  Canticle of the Turning
 8.  God of Feasting and of Hunger
 9.  Psalm 146: The Lord Gives Justice
10.  When the Poor Ones
11.  O Day of Peace/Let Streams of Living Justice
12.  Glory, Glory/We are Called
13.  By Gracious Powers
14.  Creation will be at Peace
15.  Herra, Kadellasi Asua ma Saan: God, Your Hands Enfold Me
16.  Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
17.  Grant Peace We Pray / Ososo: Come Now, O Prince of Peace
18.  Peace, Perfect Peace
19.  Confitemini Domino
20.  Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring
21.  Dona Nobis Pacem (Grant to us peace)



A special thanks to the deaconesses who have shared their heart for service in writing these devotions so that all may have a deeper understanding of God's plan for justice and peace.