A monthly servant-centered devotion for congregations, committees, and groups from the LDA.


January - Deaconess Linda Schaefer
February - Deaconess Karen Melang
March - Deaconess Judy Hoshek
April - Deaconess Cheryl Erdmann
May - Deaconess Diana Iltzsche
June - Deaconess Janet Conrady
July - Deaconess Jan Drews
August - Deaconess Katie Gosswein
September - Deaconess Ruth Dyer
October - Deaconess Barb Herzinger
November - Deaconess Gail Musolf
December - Deaconess Gwen Sayler

A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends,

Most of us know the story. Jesus took a bowl of water, washed the disciples' feet, and dried them with a towel. With this simple but profound act, Jesus showed the disciples of all time how we are to serve one another. 

Every Christian is called to service in Christ's name - service that responds to real human need, service that reaches out to those Jesus called "the least of these," service that often goes without recognition or reward, service that expresses in tangible ways God's love and care. 

You may not always call it by name, but most who seek to follow the Servant Christ take up the basin and towel in some way each day. With these devotions we invite you to notice this diaconal service and to celebrate it in your own life and in the lives of those around you in congregation, family, school, and workplace. 

You might notice someone caring for a loved one who has special need. You might see a parent giving attention to a child. You might overhear a coworker comforting another who is grieving. You might observe youth taking on a service project. You might experience someone making a decision not for personal gain but for the good of others. You might meet someone who has chosen a life work that is oriented toward serving others. 

When you see such diaconal service, take a moment to give thanks, to celebrate that the vision of the Servant Christ is embodied still today in Christ's people. 

For 95 years, the LDA has been celebrating servants by helping women and men prepare for ministry as deaconesses and deacons and by encouraging the whole people of God in their diaconal lives. Thank you for joining in the celebration. 

Deaconess Lisa Polito

About This Electronic Booklet
The LDA upholds the ministries of all believers and supports and encourages lay people in their servant ministries.  

This book offers monthly devotions for congregational groups and opportunities for reflection on servant ministries. It is intended for use by groups, councils and committees of congregations, institutions and agencies, as well as individuals who may use it for private meditation and reflection.  Please return to this web site to receive the most recent monthly devotion.

You may want to consider ordering multiple copies of Celebrating Servants for use by your congregation or agency's committee leaders or for individual members of your group (see below for details). 

The publication of this book was made possible, in part, by special gifts honoring Carolyn Becker, Catherine Bengson and Stanley Jordan, for serving on the LDA Board of Directors. 

About the Artist
Deaconess Pamela Harrington works for "Helping Hands," an agency that provides home care for seniors. She lives with her husband and two teen-aged children in Orillia, Ontario, where she enjoys spending informal time with a group of local women artists.   Pamela has provided the deaconess community with original art for worship banners, brochures and a logo. "I don't often have opportunities to connect with other deaconesses so this has been my way of connecting, in spirit, with my sisters in the deaconess community." 

Using This Booklet
The themes and selected scriptures generally follow the themes of the church year. We began with September - that time of "back to's" - back to school, back to committees, back to meetings.  

Hymnals referred to are as follows: "LBW" - Lutheran Book of Worship; "HS98" - Hymnal Supplement 98; "WOV" - With One Voice, "LW" - Lutheran Worship

To The Discussion Leader
The reflection questions and hymn suggestions are just that, suggestions. If a reflection question or hymn seems inappropriate for your group, please use your own questions and hymns. 

Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright (c) 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Used by permission. All rights reserved. 

Celebrating Servants is available in single copies at no charge to congregations or individuals and may be reproduced, provided that copies are for local use only and are not sold, and that each copy carries the copyright notice printed below. If you have found these devotions helpful, please consider making a special gift to the LDA to further the work of the LDA's Servant Ministr Services Committee.

Multiple copies of Celebrating Servants may be ordered from the LDA at a cost of $5.00 for 5 copies or $8.00 for 10 copies (includes postage and handling). Consider ordering a copy for each of your congregation or agency's leaders, or each member of your group. To order please click here.

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