missionary You have embraced Jesus’ foot-washing example.  You practice simple acts of diakonia where ever possible.  Now, you're considering how to best utilize the resources God has charged you with to make a lasting difference.

There are many ways utilize your assets to make your best gift either now or in the future.    

A charitable estate gift may help you give diaconal ministry while still providing you or your loved ones with favorable financial and/or tax benefits.

Our guide to charitable estate giving will help you explore the many options available to create a philanthropic strategy tailored to meet your unique needs. We can help you have a meaningful impact on the work of Lutheran Deaconess Association as well as:

    * lower your income taxes
    * enjoy income for life
    * eliminate capital gains taxes
    * reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

There are many giving opportunities available to help you achieve your goals

    * giving now
    * preserving your wealth
    * receiving lifetime income
    * leaving a legacy with estate gifts.

The Goals and Benefits Table will help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Considering how your heirs will feel about a gift to charity?  Nearly 75% think it's a reasonable choice.  Consider the Charity Child concept.