The internship provides practical experience to integrate theology, academics, leadership, and skills with the needs of a ministry setting.  A deaconess/deacon intern provides your organization an opportunity to have additional staffing, try out new ministries, consider future staffing options, and equip a deaconess/deacon for service.


  • Interns range in age (20-60+ years) and in skills and experience
  • Interns have completed several theology courses, nine months of supervised field work, and may have completed one quarter of CPE or equivalent


  • Church, institution or agency
  • May be done with student's primary profession (e.g., nursing, teaching, social work)


  • Stipend (amounts, vary, please be mindful of the cost of living in your area)
  • Health insurance
  • Auto allowance and contiuning education may be included
  • Vacation and time for deaconess events


  • Tasks vary according to the needs of the ministry setting and the skills and interests of the intern (the development of a job description is encouraged)
  • Typically, a one-year, full-time commitment is expected
  • The internship may begin at a mutually conveient time for the work setting and the intern


  • The work setting will designate a professional to train and guide the intern, at least one hour per week
  • Set goals, review and complete regular evaluations
  • Plan and reflect on activities
  • Study and pray together

Deaconess Involvement

  • The intern identifies a support team
  • In addition to the work supervisor, the intern support team may include at least one deaconess, a Lutheran professional in ministry, and/or others who serve in a similar capacity
  • The intern regularly participates in the deaconess area conference
  • The intern attends the deaconess annual meeting (typically four days in the summer)

LDA Support (Director of Education and Formation)

  • Visits the intern/work setting at least once during the year
  • Meets with the intern, supervisor and others involved in the internship
  • Observes the intern in action
  • Collects and responds to evaluations
  • Offers ideas for supervision, goal-setting and problem-solving (upon request)


  • Work supervisor:  three reports/year
  • Intern support team:  two reports/year
  • Intern:  four reports/year and reflections as noted in the individual formation covenant

For more information or to request an intern application, contact