Are you called to put your faith in action?  Perhaps diaconal ministry is right for you!

This slide show tells about the LDA's history, deac stories, and the education/formation process.

Journey together as part of a praying and serving communitydevotions

  • Build relationships and connect to resources
  • Belong to a multi-culturally diverse and inclusive international network

Grow with us

  • Deepen your understanding of theology
  • Learn reflection and prayer practices
  • Form your servant identity

Service in Christ to those at the margins

  • Serve others with intentionality through your job
  • Represent the church in the world
  • Develop leadership skills and be a catalyst for change

Deaconesses and deacons have formed their servant leader identities through education in theology, support from a community, intentional spiritual reflection, and experience in ministry.  They strive to be humble, bold, faithful servants.

The LDA's education and formation program forms a student's servant identity, and develops her/his gifts for service to Christ.  As a result, deaconesses and deacons express their servant identity always, applying it to all aspects of their life. They respect the history of those before them, respond to the needs of a changing world, and bond with the diaconal community for support and affirmation.

Explore the preparation program!  Distance-learning and graduate programs are also available.