3. Take Time to Integratedeaconess consecration

This is the final phase of the process and will include preparation for a certification interview, church body rostering (if appropriate), consecration, and placement (if appropriate).  In keeping with the current practice of the LDA, this phase would involve reflection on and evaluation of academic/theological issues, skills for work/ministry, spiritual readiness for diaconal ministry, and the relationship with the community.

1.    Final retreat/seminar aimed at integrating growth and learning in the education/formation process.

2.    Presentation of a professional portfolio, including resume and endorsement letters.

3.    Final interview, to discuss the four areas of education/formation:  Spirituality, Theology, Work/Ministry, Diaconal Community.  The interview will be coordinated with the Deaconess Service and Renewal Committee. The committee may recommend the candidate to the LDA Board of Directors for consecration. The LDA Board approves candidates for consecration as deaconesses of the Lutheran Deaconess Association.

4.    Consecration, upon approval by the LDA Board, the consecration service marks the formal entry into the Diaconate and often takes place in the student’s home congregation.