Are you called to put your faith in action?  Perhaps deaconess ministry is right for you!

Journey together as part of a praying communitydevotions

  • Build relationships and connect to resources
  • Belong to a multi-culturally diverse and inclusive international network

Grow with us

  • Deepen your understanding of theology
  • Learn reflection and prayer practices
  • Form your servant identity

Service in Christ to those at the margins

  • Serve others with intentionality through your job
  • Represent the church in the world
  • Develop leadership skills and be a catalyst for change

A deaconess is one who has formed her servant-leader identity through education in theology, support from a community, intentional spiritual reflection and experience in ministry.

A deaconess may do ministry through a variety of jobs. Her work cannot be classified into any one category. But through the application of her deaconess identity, she uses her gifts in service to Christ.  A deaconess expresses her servant identity always, applying it to all aspects of her life. She respects the history of those before her and bonds with the community for support and affirmation.

In response to the needs of a changing world, the Lutheran Deaconess Association offers a process that allows women to express their Christian vocation through church, civic, or human service professions. Deaconesses serve in jobs such as nurse, teacher, lawyer, chaplain, nonprofit director, missionary, counselor, youth/family minister, social worker, and many more.

Explore the deaconess training program!  Distance-learning and graduate programs are also available.