students at seminar

Do you want to make a difference to a world God loves so much?

Are you passionate about service to Christ, church and society?

Do you have a yearning to be part of a praying and serving community?

Then the Deaconess education and formation process may be for you!

View this slide show to answer your questions: "What is a deaconess? What does a deaconess do?"

The LDA offers a flexible education and formation process, consisting of three phases, which leads to consecration as a deaconess. You may complete the process at your own pace through an individualized plan, designed to meet your own needs. The process is complimented by many degrees at Valparaiso University or students may participate through distance learning!

Is God Calling You?

A decision about entering the LDA diaconate is more than choosing a career. It’s an identity that supports a life-perspective of Christian service – a vocation. There are many ways to serve and many gifts for service. This diaconate is one of many vehicles to bring love and joy to a world in need of God’s healing touch.

Discernment is a process that may help you with questions like:

  • Is God calling me to serve those in need?
  • Is this deaconess community the right place for me to express my calling?
  • What do I need to know in order to make a decision?

Ask for a Discernment Guide from the LDA. (Contact Director of Education/Formation.)

  • Get to know some deaconesses in your area.
  • Pray and talk with others about your sense of calling.
  • Identify a deaconess to “sponsor” you. (Sponsors can respond to some of your questions, help in your discernment, and guide you through the application process.)