Forms are available to download in MS Word (below) or you may contact the Director of Education/Formation to request copies by mail. If you fill out the forms in Word, you may save them to your computer and then email them to the Director of Education/Formation.


  • Directions for application: Click here
  • Application Word
  • Reference from Congregation Word
  • Reference from Pastor Word
  • Two references from people who know you well  Word
  • Reference from deaconess Word
  • Application fee Word
  • Fees Word
  • Tips to help pay for this training PDF
  • What is included in a vocation-psychologic evaluation? Word

Other information for those who are ready to apply: Contact the Director of Education/Formation for these resources:

  1. Discernment Guide (includes Scripture and prayer ideas to help you determine your calling)
  2. Rostered ministry in the ELCA and being a deaconess with the LDA (information page)
  3. Rostered ministry in the LCMS and being a deaconess with the LDA (information page)