The LDA's Board of Directors is designed to include representatives from various stakeholders and partner organizations.  

We seek to assure that various voices are heard and that decisions are well-informed.



Executive Committee

Paul Meyer, President

Gene Phillips, Vice President

Phyllis Schroeder, Secretary

Tom DeMik, Treasurer


Board Members and Partner Representatives

Cherlyne Beck, ELCA Advisory/Liaison

Deaconess Carmen Colon-Brown

Rev. Char Cox, VU Liaison

Tom DeMik, layman

Mark Elgert, layman

Deaconess Diane Kaufmann

Rachel Langford, LDC Student Representative

Marcus Miller, pastor

Leslie Paul, laywoman

Deaconess Ann Rehbein, LDC President

Tim Sims, pastor

Deacon Elliott Stephenson, CLD President

Anita Unrath, laywoman

Jack Walter, CLD Student Representative

Deaconess Rebecca West-Estell